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​Lex Leisure Grants Over £30,000 To Boost Accessibility And Inclusivity

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​Lex Leisure Grants Over £30,000 To Boost Accessibility And Inclusivity

​Lex Leisure Grants Over £30,000 To Boost Accessibility And Inclusivity Across A Number Of Sites

A further £100,000 is set to be granted in each of the next three years

12/01/23–Lex Leisure has invested over £30,000 in grant funding projects across nine of its sites in order to improve accessibility and inclusivity within its local communities, with a further £100,000 set aside to fund more projects over the next three years.

The Community Interest Company, established to build upon the legacy of the Paralympic Games in London and Rio, the Invictus Games, and other sporting events, has helped to inspire people with physical, mental or health-related inequalities to be physically active.

A number of projects were launched with the intention of helping the local communities to become more active, by making amendments to the facilities and services that will allow more access to a wider range of people.

The company supported South Moorlands Leisure Centre in Cheadle by funding a new specialist hoist for the swimming pool. The assistive lifting device is designed to safely transfer members with limited mobility or disabilities into the pool, improving access to those who might otherwise be unable to use the swimming facilities. 

The centre has a broad offering for disabled customers through its range of facilities; one of the most prominent being Paddles Swim Club – a swim club with the core objective of encouraging young disabled people into regular water activities. The pool hoist allows the club to expand their offering to a wider range of people.

Cotgrave Leisure Centre in Rushcliffe received funding to upgrade its existing pool wheelchair; with a large number of disabled users at the centre, a new chair was essential to assist with changing and transportation.

The pool wheelchair gives members the option to enter the pool directly, without using a hoist, improving independence for users and giving them the freedom to enter the pool without the need for a carer. The same product has been installed at Rushcliffe Arena in West Bridgford and Bingham Arena.

Further grant funding from Lex Leisure has also seen the introduction of a new all-weather putting green at Richmond Park Golf Course. Synthetic surfaces and pathways have also been installed to improve accessibility, ensuring that all visitors have the opportunity to access the facilities. 

The installation of the synthetic green’s firm surface allows wheelchair users to practice their putting which is otherwise made difficult on grass, aligning the courses’ inclusive approach to golf. The green is available for use whether a person is a member or not.

Crook Log Leisure Centre and Dereham Leisure Centre also received funding to install boditrax body composition scales. Boditrax machines provide a full biometric scan, enabling users to understand their unique body composition and identify areas of focus, helping to inform future workout programmes. 

Boditrax has become an invaluable resource at every stage of members’ fitness journeys, providing improved self-health monitoring for users of all ages. Boditrax scans have become a part of every Leisure Centre member’s induction, giving a data-driven starting point for their fitness journey. Users can book return consultations with gym instructors to review their stats, further helping to improve health and wellbeing for the community.

Commenting on the investments and the support provided to its centres, Kim Arrenburg, Chair of Lex Leisure, said: 

“Accessibility is incredibly important to Lex Leisure. We want to ensure all our community members have the opportunity to make the most of our leisure facilities, improving access to give more freedom to those visitors  who need it. This helps us achieve one of Lex Leisure’s core objectives of inclusivity, providing more opportunities for all members of our local communities to improve their health and fitness.”